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Topical Podcast from 6 friends who talk and debate on everything. Come listen to or controversial takes on any subject from Movies to Politics, Sports to Relationships and everything in between


September 22, 2016

Pop Shit Episode 5

This show's a freaking train wreck. Join Us for another episode of the improv variety game show

Playin Stupid as your host Jermaine is joined by Rich, Eddie and Jermayne. we play some classic On The Spot games and try to be funny. Check it out!
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September 10, 2016

Pop Shit Episode 3

Third episode of our game show podcast where contestants try to name off top ten lists in multiple categories. This week the team of Brian ad Eddie face off against Kailan and Jermayne. 

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August 30, 2016

Pop Shit Episode 1

First Episode of the Wrong Crowd's game show podcast this week Rich faces off against Eddie in a family feud style competition we like to call PS Showdown. 

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August 28, 2016

Pop Shit Episode 4

Inspired by On The Spot The Wrong Crowd crew tries their hand at some improv games in this week's episode! Hilarious improv styling this week with your host Jermaine and contestants Rich, Eddie and Cruce. 

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